24 6 / 2014

On June 6, Drexel WiCS hosted a trip to Google’s headquarters in NYC! Students took a tour through the office, met with engineers, and learned about internship and full-time opportunities at Google. Though we were not able to take pictures of the office, here are some shots from the day. Looking good, guys!

(Credit to WiCS member Jessica Eng for letting us use her beautiful pictures. Thank you, Jessica!)

18 2 / 2014

How’s that snow coming, how about some LIGHTNING? (I know, I try.)

Following up on our amazing presentations last term, we are back with two more Drexel PhD students doing 10-minute lightning talks on their research in the fields of computing and informatics.

The event will be held in UCross 151 on Tuesday, February 18 (today!) from 5-6 PM.

***Pizza and refreshments provided!***

The talks:

"Predicting Spatial Self-Organization with Statistical Moments"
Linge Bai, PhD Candidate, Computer Science
We have developed a self-organizing shape formation system based on locally interacting primitives whose behaviors are inspired by biological cells. Given a pre-defined macroscopic shape, evolutionary algorithm is used to evolve the artificial field function for the primitives. The primitives act as autonomous agents and simply follow the cumulative gradient of the field function. We later discovered that the evolution of the shape formation system bifurcates between two stable states. In order to control the outcome of the shape formation system, we need to first accurately predict the path of the shape evolution. This talk describes our investigation in predicting the outcome of the shape formation system, based on statistical moments of the coordinates of the agents, at an early evolution time step.

"Teens’ Everyday Life Spectrums of Technology Use"
Rachel Magee, PhD Candidate, Information Studies
How do the people, practices, values, and technologies that teens experience combine to inform the ways they use (or do not use!) technology? And in turn, how do these experiences interact with their information use? Using multiple methods, my research works to develop a deeper understanding of the contexts in and ways teens use technology, as well as the reasons they don’t.

RSVP via Facebook here: http://on.fb.me/1hiMGSS

Thanks and hope to see you there!

05 2 / 2014

Pictures from yesterday’s 3rd Annual Chinese New Year CS Quizzo are now in the gallery. Thanks to all who attended and congratulations to our winners!

04 2 / 2014


Hey all, hope you’re having a warm and fun Winter Term!

WiCS is pleased to be co-hosting our Annual Chinese New Year Celebration/Quizzo with Math & Computer Science Society next Tuesday, February 4. Like every year, it’s sure to be lots of fun! Hope you all can make it!

Drexel WiCS & MCS Annual Chinese New Year CS Quizzo
Tuesday, Feb. 4, 5-6PM — UCross 151
**Free (Chinese!) Food**
Quizzo with prizes!
All Drexel students welcome.
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/589800257770847/

Thanks! See you all there!

04 12 / 2013

Our photo gallery has just been updated with events from Fall Term 2013. Come check it out!

12 11 / 2013

In celebration of Drexel’s Computer Science Education Week, Drexel’s Women in Computing Society (WiCS) and Drexel Graduate Women in Science & Engineering (DGWISE) are showing the acclaimed documentary, Girl Rising, which spotlights the remarkable stories of nine girls around the world striving beyond circumstance and overcoming nearly insurmountable odds to achieve their dreams. After the movie, join the discussion with representatives from industry and academia about their own experiences in education and careers.

FREE FOOD: light food and beverages will be held after the screening!

Facebook Event Page: http://bit.ly/drxl-girlrising
Please RSVP here: http://cci.drexel.edu/events/RSVP.aspx?id=432465
For more information on Girl Rising the documentary: http://www.girlrising.com/

This event is free and open to everyone who is a student or is accompanied by a student.

30 10 / 2013


In order to showcase a little piece of the amazing research done in Computing & Informatics at Drexel, WiCS is hosting Lightning Talks on Nov 5 @ 4pm in UCross 103. For this event, ALL of our speakers are current PhD students here at Drexel.

What is a Lightning Talk?
It is a very brief presentation (usually 10 minutes or less). At a Lightning Talk event, a few speakers will present one after another. There is typically only 5 minutes in between for questions and set up for the next speaker.


The talks:

"Stylometry and anonymity"
Sadia Afroz, PhD Student, CCI/CS Dept
In digital forensics, questions often arise about the authors of documents: their identity, demographic background, and whether they can be linked to other documents. The field of stylometry uses linguistic features and machine learning techniques to answer these questions. While stylometry techniques can identify authors with high accuracy in non-adversarial scenarios, their accuracy is reduced to random guessing when faced with authors who intentionally obfuscate their writing style or attempt to imitate that of another author.

"Hacking Gender: Maker Culture and Sociotechnical Artifacts"
Andrea Marshall, PhD Student, CCI/iSchool
How can artifacts act as gendered props? Leisure is an important consideration when trying to understand how makers interact and play with the objects they create, as contexts of play in turn build sociotechnical identities. Gender is one frame we can use to understand the “interpretive flexibility” of social interpretations of both technological artifacts and those who design them.

"Toward an understanding of the conditions for emergence of information systems that support innovation in free and open source software"
Michelle Purcell, PhD Student, CCI/iSchool
Yoo, Lyytinen, Boland, & Berente (2010) coined the term digital innovation as, “innovation enabled by digital technologies that leads to the creation of new forms of digitalization.” The authors qualify that, “Digitalization goes beyond a mere technical process of encoding diverse types of analog information in digital format (i.e., “digitization”) and involves organizing new socio-technical structures with digitized artifacts as well as the changes in artifacts themselves.” This presentation will discuss proposed research to examine free and open source software as a digital innovation network to understand the conditions for emergence of information systems that support innovation.

RSVP via Facebook here: http://bit.ly/af2c84

21 10 / 2013

The Drexel Women in Computing Society was recently featured in the iSchool’s Summer 2013 issue of Bridge! Click the link above to read the full article!

15 10 / 2013

Hey all, Drexel WiCS is holding its annual Fall Potluck today! Come bring a dish, beverage, dessert, etc. (or not, we don’t really care) and share in some Week 4 midterm procrastination while meeting WiCS members new and old!

WiCS Fall Potluck — 6pm — Location TBA

Also, as it happens, today is Ada Lovelace Day! Make sure to wish all your friends a Happy Ada Lovelace Day so they can ask you what that is, and you can explain it to them! Social awareness, hurrah!

24 9 / 2013


Hey all, hope you’re ready for a great fall term!

Drexel WiCS will be having their Fall Welcome Social this Thursday, September 26 at 4pm in University Crossings Room 103. Come out to learn more about our organization, catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy FREE pizza! Hope to see you all there!